Tall Cloud Productions with Mint Media are proud to present the

1st annual Okanagan Eats Show!

Tall Cloud Productions began in 2013 and provides an opportunity for Okanagan residents to enjoy a one-stop handmade shopping experience in both Winter and Spring with Craft Culture.  This is a company that prides themselves on running well organized and well run events, that are highly enjoyable for both our customers and vendors alike.

Tall Cloud Productions founder, Karalyn Lockhart, has over 8 years experience working in the tradeshow and event industry. Karalyn has a deep understanding on what makes a successful and well run event, and one that also showcases the talent of the amazing crafters and artists in our community.

Together with Mint Media, the team behind Mint Magazine Kelowna, Mint Magazine Revelstoke and the Okanagan Eats & Drinks cookbook, Okanagan Eats promises to be a food show like no other.  Come see the goodness in food in Okanagan!