2 days of learning, tasting and exploring

live stage



In 2017, our Live Stage was not only entertaining; it was jaw dropping with MasterChef contestants as well as local celebrities. With live demos, instructional classes and chef-to-chef competitions, this year we plan to be even more spectacular.


what to expect

  • Special Celebrity Guests (to be announced)
  • Local Chefs and Industry Guests
  • Sampling of stage demonstrations

100's of food and beverage vendors




Shop tons of local and Canadian vendors from your favourite raw vegan crackers to the purest of homemade honeys.   From farm fresh to newly innovated, you will find unique and tasty items at every corner of our shopping section.  Bring a bag and taste your way through new delights.


what to expect

  • Vendors may provide samples of products
  • Wide variety of vendors
  • Larger, more direct opportunity to shop

vendors, restaurants and BEVERAGe




Sample new and unique foods offerings created to satisfy common dietary restrictions and sophisticated palettes. Wow your dinner party guests or your mother-in-law.  Entrants will receive food and beverage samples from wines to fermented foods, from healthful drinks to tasty treats, your taste buds will jumping from booth to booth, bite to bite.


what to expect

  • Free sampling from vendors
  • Token sampling with various Okanagan restaurants 
  • Token sampling in 18+ liquor area
  • On site liquor sales available